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Badges and Levels

Badges and Levels

Our new Badge and Level systems are all about rewarding our great users and highlighting those who are making The Golf Crowd better and better. Quite simply, the more you get involved, the better your shiny Badges will become and the higher you will climb the Levels ladder.

There are currently 6 Badges to go after, rewarding different areas of interaction on The Golf Crowd. As you get involved in The Golf Crowd, you will achieve the Bronze badge of a certain type, followed by the Silver and Gold versions as you do more and more. The Badges that you have received will be proudly displayed on you profile for all to see! If you haven’t quite reached the requirements for the Bronze Badge, you will see a faded version so you know what is up for grabs.

In addition to having some lovely shiny Badges on display, they also have another function. Your new user Level is based upon the combined value of all the Badge you have received. The more Badges you have, the higher your Level and more respect from the Crowd you can expect. After all, your Level is a sign of your expertise, ability to help and overall greatness in The Golf Crowd!

Your current Level will be displayed on your Profile Page as well as on your Profile Picture whenever you create a Post or Comment on an existing one. Simply get your first Badge to reach Level 1. From there the sky is the limit!

Badge and Level Additional Notes: To ensure fair play

We will  be keeping an eye out for any unusual activity, which aims to gain a user, Badges and Levels through the posting of spurious content. We will do this to make sure that The Golf Crowd and its features, such as Badges and Levels are used in the friendly and fair way they are intended.

A User’s Level within The Golf Crowd, is no guarantee of qualifications, experience or expertise. The Badge and Level system is designed to be a fun feature and Virtual Crowds accept no liability for content posted by members of The Golf Crowd.

Please be aware that long term inactivity, may result in an adjustment to the levels over time, as the Golf Crowd develops.  But be sure you will be kept fully informed of changes to the scheme.

For full Terms and Conditions of use for The Golf Crowd, please visit