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About Us

About Us

Gone are the days when joining a club was all about driving ten minutes down the road on a Monday night at 8pm to meet with local people who share your passion.  But the desire to share and compare has never been stronger, and we all need a place where we can meet like minded folk who understand what’s important in a way that others just can’t.  They are the people who get the thrill, the challenges, the fear and the focus, in the same way that you do.

We will be bringing you more Crowds very shortly, and not just to do with sport, are you mad keen on DIY, or do you want to bringing knitting to the fore, if you have a passion for it, we have a place for it.  Please get in touch with and we will be delighted to help you.

The reason for the Crowd that works for you, is simply because you love it!  Whatever it may be.